Black Hat SEO and Why It Does Not Work

April 07, 2022

Black hat SEO is the practice of manipulating a search engine through certain tactics incorporated into your website. This practice can seem like a shortcut to better search engine optimization, which can drastically increase your online marketing success. However, executing a black hat strategy can actually get your website blocked by search engines. To avoid this catastrophe, you need to know what black hat SEO is and how to avoid it.

Disapproved tactics

Every search engine has terms of service dictating what is appropriate for SEO marketing in websites. The easiest way to discover if you are inadvertently using black hat tactics is by determining your intentions for content. If you are incorporating things purely for the purpose of engaging a search engine and not an actual user, that may be a red flag. Common disapproved strategies include keyword stuffing, intentional redirects, concealed links, automating content, duplicating content, and buying links.

Positive white hat strategies

The opposite of black hat is white hat SEO. This kind of marketing includes tactics that are approved by a search engine’s conditions. When you use a white hat strategy, you put the value of your content for users first and incorporate SEO second. These are the most popular ways to increase your SEO and popularity on Google through ethical means.

Quality content

First and foremost, quality content matters. You cannot attract new users or encourage former traffic to revisit without providing great content. Answering common questions among your audience, explaining confusing or interesting aspects of your business, and providing trustworthy information that users can rely on are fantastic ways to improve your SEO score. As word gets out that you are the place to turn to for beneficial information, the more traffic you can receive, and the better you will rank.

Fast responsiveness and speed

Your website should be able to switch between a desktop and mobile screen without a hitch. Websites that easily go from one to the other automatically look better to search engines as well as users. Loading speed is just as crucial, as most people will not wait long — only a few seconds — for a website before moving on. Making sure your website is responsive, mobile-friendly, and fast are easy ways to garner the right attention.

User-friendly navigation

Successful websites are clean and simple to use. Menus, tabs, and a concise homepage message with links create a user-friendly environment. Visitors are likely to stay longer on your site if they can find information quickly and without issue. Longer user visits equal increased popularity and SEO.

Helpful meta descriptions

A meta description or tag is a small line of information included below a page’s title on a search engine result page. The meta description helps Google determine the content and value of your page in relation to a user’s search, and it gives the user more information on what the page is about. Including keywords and excellent descriptions in the meta tag can help your site rank higher.

Learn more great SEO tips

Using black hat tactics is never the right approach for improving SEO. At Doctor Genius, we can help you understand white hat plans to create an effective website. Contact us to find out more about our services.

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