Ask the Experts: 5 Ways to Scale Your Business During Covid-19

May 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread at an alarming rate. As the numbers grow and more areas go into lockdown, its impact on businesses is profound and unprecedented by anything we have seen in recent times. As governments take drastic measures in response to coronavirus, practices also need to adjust quickly to navigate the financial and operational difficulties that accompany the pandemic. This article contains insights from experts on how to scale your business during COVID-19.

Scaling your Business during COVID-19

The following are ways that practice owners can scale their establishments during the pandemic:

Provide flexibility

Stores, businesses, schools, and commercial centers around the country are shutting down operations. As the country approaches total lockdown, business owners need to give their employees more flexibility with time.

There are many tools available to business owners to ensure efficient communication with their employers. This will allow everyone to stay in touch and keep working even if they are not in the office. There should be a policy in place regarding work policy, like when team members need to be online and available, a medium of communication (like Slack, Google Hangouts, or WhatsApp) and the deliverables for each team member.

Enable direct communications with customers

This crisis affects everyone, so it is better to be completely open about what the business is experiencing. Customers will understand the challenges that the brand is facing if they receive regular updates. When customers no longer have access to the details about the efforts done behind the scenes to get routine services, their appreciation for the service reduces, and they begin to value it less. Business owners need to explain the measures they are taking to curb risks and provide insights into the steps they are taking regarding community service.

Shift your sales tactics online

When physical locations are no longer an option, savvy business owners need to consider leveraging online platforms to curb heavy losses. Digital platforms enable interactions with customers and boost online sales. This could significantly increase the company’s sales. Businesses can keep your employees engaged and earning by selling on social media and websites, using email lists, and generating new leads with the internet.

Capitalize on the brand’s value

Brands add value to their customers, and the products or services that are beneficial during the crisis deserve the consideration of those who need them. If what the practice does supports or eases people’s lives during the lockdown, business owners need to capitalize on that and tell the brand’s story. As long as the practice focuses on delivering value, marketing and sales will continue.

Make necessary evaluations

To keep the practice running throughout the coronavirus pandemic, owners need to make critical evaluations of what matters more to the company’s survival. This includes evaluating the supply chain for vulnerabilities and identifying teams and workers that ensure essential operations or services keep running.

Importance of staying resilient

It is hard to tell when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. However, business owners can scale their businesses and stay on top of the situation by staying proactive and taking necessary measures. It is in times like this that the strength of the practice is put to the test, and those who adapt survice.

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