7 Web Design Mistakes Doctors Make

April 18, 2022

A website is a fantastic way to get new patients in the door of your practice. Many medical practices are turning to online marketing to reach a broader audience and engage with a larger local community. However, just having a website is not good enough to maintain a positive online presence. Many doctors make simple mistakes in the design of their websites that can decrease traffic and push away potential patients.

Common design mistakes

There is no reason to lose business over website design mistakes, as most can be easily fixed in the span of an afternoon. Check for these common problems on your website and learn more about how to fix each one.

1. Heavy text

Your website should be full of useful information for visitors and patients, but in website design for doctors, it is imperative that this content is laid out in a readable fashion. Enormous, blocky paragraphs of text can quickly lose the interest of a reader and increase your bounce rate. Keep content short by dividing it up through the web page and creating new pages for different categories of content. For more advice on how to keep people on your website, check out these tips on reducing bounce rates.

2. Difficult-to-read text

It can be tempting to use different fonts and colors to create an eye-catching site, but you may be overdoing it. Simple is almost always better. Ensure that your content is easy to read by using properly sized fonts in colors that stand out against the background.

3. Poor use of photos

Photos are an excellent way to engage with your audience. All site architecture for medical practices should incorporate photos into the plan. To get the most out of your high-quality pictures, spread the shots out over each webpage. This can help break up written content and support the information you are providing.

4. Annoying pop-ups

Pop-ups have become incredibly popular on many websites, especially for encouraging visitors to sign up for email notifications or to chat with a representative. Due to their popularity, many online users are tired of constantly having to exit out of irritating pop-ups. Choose your pop-ups wisely so that you do not overload patients.

5. Confusing layouts

Site templates for doctors need to be straightforward and easy to navigate. You are likely to lose visitors’ interest if they cannot find information efficiently. Consider the most valuable information on your site and make sure there is an easy pathway to it from the home page.

6. Difficult mobile navigation

These days, over half of all online traffic is over a mobile device. Your website must be mobile-friendly, transferring information seamlessly from a desktop format to a mobile one. Some templates make the mobile transition automatically, while others may require special configurations.

7. Outdated formatting

Online users know what a modern website should look like. Visitors can spot an outdated format in seconds, and you may lose traffic because of it. Research other similar practices to get ideas on how to modernize your website’s style.

Avoid mistakes

Doctor Genius works with medical practices to grow online marketing for more effective business. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can improve your website’s look and feel.

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