7 Ways To Boost Patient Loyalty

October 27, 2022

Attrition rates in the healthcare industry are slowly eating away at the potential revenue streams a company could enjoy. According to the Harvard Business Review, it takes between 5 to 25 times more resources and finances to earn a new customer than it does to keep a current one. Why expand an already tight budget on patient recruiting efforts when focusing on patient retention can have a greater financial impact? It is time to cultivate patient loyalty.

Create the optimal patient experience

You must do more than provide a solution to medical problems if you want strong retention numbers. Your entire practice must satisfy each patient and create value for each individual. Patient loyalty is the choice an individual makes to return to your practice regardless of expense, location, or other impeding factors. Create value and foster loyalty through an optimal patient experience.

Change your practices

You cannot afford to operate according to the status quo if you want to create a positive patient experience. Help your patients feel valued by addressing their concerns and needs from the moment they need to make an appointment to when they receive their statement. These are seven ways you can improve your practice to adapt to the needs of patients.

  1. Lower wait times through pre-appointment information gathering, streamlined workflow, no-show and late arrival policies, and a mobile queue.
  2. Create convenient scheduling through a secure patient portal, expanded hours, locations, and digital appointment reminders.
  3. Present health information and test results online without needing to see a doctor.
  4. Provide all paperwork and forms online for easy registration, follow-up, and personal record keeping.
  5. Offer convenient bill pay options such as online, over-the-phone, and digital payment reminders.
  6. Develop telehealth opportunities for a range of health concerns.
  7. Actively seek and respond to patient feedback to continually make improvements.

Turn loyalty and retention into a practice-wide priority

Each staff member needs to be aware of the problem and the solutions you have adopted to change the retention numbers. Patient loyalty depends on the entire patient experience, and one mishap with billing or a frustrated receptionist could put the experience in jeopardy. Hold your staff accountable for their part in creating an environment that demonstrates care, efficiency, and competence.

Create a supportive, digital presence

Your retention efforts need to extend past the office. The results of a Doctor.com survey revealed that 63% of adults will look at the online presence of a provider as a key factor of trust. Trusting, loyal patients want your website or social media presence to meet their needs. You need your website to convert new patients and cater to current patients. Doctor Genius has the expertise, reputation, and technology that can make that happen.

Let the retention begin

We want to make sure your patients clearly understand your message and trust you to be a knowledgeable, caring provider. We can help by customizing your social media or website presence to highlight your brand and your services. We offer several packages to meet your needs, but all are designed to increase your visibility to the community and inspire loyalty. Make the call to expand your reach and start developing loyalty.

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