7 Ways Medical Practice Websites Can Get More Backlinks

July 14, 2022

Creating a quality backlink portfolio is an excellent way to boost your SEO ranking in healthcare. Because the content of most medical websites is so specialized, medical SEO is extremely competitive. This makes it critical to not only have backlinks but also make sure they are from credible and relevant sources. Keep reading to find out how to build these types of links and drive traffic to your site.

Build strong backlinks for your medical practice

Generating authoritative backlinks may be easier than you think with help from these suggestions.

1. Think local

According to Google, since 2016 there has been more than a 150% rise in searches including the words “near me.” This makes it clear people are looking at local websites. If you create a guide to area walking trails, local allergy triggers, or other regionalized content, it can be easy to pitch that to other local, relevant businesses, organizations, or bloggers. 

2. Consider the long term

Although it can take time to get to know staff writers or popular local bloggers, establishing a relationship with them can yield regular, quality links on high-value sites. This method can give you a better return on your time in the long run.

3. Include an FAQ section

Many people ask medical questions on Google. This makes it easier for you to increase your site’s ranking by answering their questions on your website. As long as your answers are correct and communicated well, people may start to link your page as a resource for answers to these questions. 

4. Use directories  

Building local citations on medical and business directories is a strategic move. Doing so means your website will be included in that list whenever it is attached as a link on another site. 

5. Reach out to EDU sites

Contact the colleges or universities you attended and see if they would be interested in featuring your practice in the alumni section, on a blog post, or in some other way.

6. Partner with vendors

Every medical practice has industry-relevant vendors. Ask if you can provide a testimonial or positive review about their products or services in exchange for a link to your website. This only works well if the vendor is highly credible and relevant. 

7. Become an author

Medical websites and practices that feature a blog are frequently searching for people to provide content to keep things fresh and interesting. There are also many medical journals looking for credible contributors. Consider writing posts or articles for these types of publications and including a link to your website. If the article or blog is posted, you get an automatic backlink.

Drive traffic to your site and your practice

The goal of getting backlinks is to drive more traffic to your website and, ultimately, to your practice. Doctor Genius has a team trained in SEO for doctors ready to help you increase web traffic through content marketing, digital advertising, and more. Call us today to see how we can find the right combination of services to not only optimize your website but also increase your patient base and help your practice thrive. 

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