5 Marketing KPIs You Medical Practice Needs to Track

April 04, 2024

Tracking key performance indicators is a vital assessment of online medical marketing practices. These KPIs will let you know if your practice is meeting priority business objectives and give you clarity into where your practice stands in the market. Using data in crucial decision-making can impact how resources are used, develop the focus for priorities, and align actions with established goals.

Key KPIs to measure

Every medical practice has a unique approach to operations, including how to develop and use a digital presence for online patient marketing. These variations lead to multiple KPIs to track, but all of them should be relevant, focused, measurable, and clear. These measured values must able to be tracked if they are going to give a clear assessment of your marketing plan and hold the marketing team accountable.

1. Leads by type

Online medical marketing should produce leads, but a generic total number of leads does not give clear direction on which leads should be prioritized. Evaluating leads by type will show which lead is the most effective at increasing new patient acquisitions. Potential lead distinctions include content downloads, phone calls or Contact Us forms. Google Analytics provides an easy-to-follow guide for setting up lead goals to be tracked.

2. Website visitor to converted leads rate

For a digital marketing plan, one goal of the website is to create conversions from site visitors. Knowing if your website is achieving this goal is important. A KPI to measure is how many people who visit your website are turning into leads. Knowing the conversion rate lets you know if the site design, load time, content, or navigability are effectively motivating site traffic to reach out to your practice.

3. Cost per lead

Marketing funds should be used cost-effectively, and KPIs can determine if this is occurring. Knowing how much a lead costs can inform where you prioritize your marketing dollar. Not all leads come with a cost, but a generalized cost per lead will shed light on efforts that are successful and those that are too costly for unreliable results.

4. Cost per new patient

When evaluating all the other measures of practice success in digital marketing, determining new patient conversion costs is vital. Digital marketing efforts should produce a return on investment, and for your practice, this comes from new patient acquisitions. Take the total cost of your practice`s spending on digital marketing and divide it by the number of new patients that have been generated in a specific time period. Evaluate this number against the revenue generated by a new patient.

5. Conversion rate for new patients

Not all leads become new patients, so it is important to find out where a potential breakdown in the process may occur. Keeping track of new patient conversions could mean there are problems with follow-up protocols or excessive numbers of missed phone calls at the office.

Key help for your website performance

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