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February 16, 2017

Digital Marketing

Benefits of Sharing Patient Reviews Online

Reviews are a crucial part of an effective online presence, regardless of the business practice. For a private practice, having [ More.. ]

January 31, 2017

Digital Marketing

Helpful Hints on the Ever-Changing Digital Marketing Landscape

With the constant advancement of technology and online connectivity, the potential for a healthcare provider to have an effective digital [ More.. ]

January 24, 2017

Digital Marketing

Getting Your Patients Through The Door: A Recall System That Actually Works!

As a dental practice, getting patients through the door for the first appointment is great but not the only necessity. [ More.. ]

November 4, 2016

Digital Marketing

Local Searches Are on the Rise

Google has reported that mobile searches containing the phrases “near me” or “nearby” have doubled over the past twelve months. [ More.. ]