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August 29, 2017

Digital Marketing

HTTP – HELP! Google’s Rules are Changing in Oh So Many Ways

With Google’s new change, any HTTP website will display the message “Not Secure” on its pages. Similar to the Beatles, [ More.. ]

August 15, 2017

Digital Marketing

The Core of Successful Online Marketing: Mobile First Websites

From desktop to mobile online marketing, medical professionals find great benefits in having a mobile first website. In 2015, Google [ More.. ]

August 8, 2017

Digital Marketing

Online Quality Content: The TMI Effect

From hearing about the grotesque horrors from someone being sick to hearing the disturbing tale of someone’s battle with a [ More.. ]

August 1, 2017

Digital Marketing

The key to a more prosperous practice…Are you using effective keywords?

There is no magic trick or big red button that professionals can use to make their website a huge success [ More.. ]

July 18, 2017

Digital Marketing

Class is in Session: Communicating with Search Engines

Creating a website with a unique style and design is important for a medical practice to stand out, but is [ More.. ]