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Marketing to Millennials Event

This course is for individuals that are interested in either acquiring an existing practice or would like to start a new practice.


October 19, 2017 6pm - 9pm

50 people
7 people
Santa Clarita, CA 91381

Upcoming Events

Below is information on our upcoming events that can cover a variety of topics about benefiting a private practice through online marketing. Each conference will have a unique focus and purpose, teaming up with successful professionals within the industry. For more information, follow the link to register.

Training Course:
Office Manager
Palm Desert, California
October 12
View Info
Google Event:
Digital Marketing in Healthcare
Irvine, California
October 18
View Info
CE Course:
Marketing to Millennials
Santa Clarita, California
October 19
View Info
Doctor Genius
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Past Events

At Doctor Genius, we understand that the digital marketing platform is always changing and therefore, offer events collaborating with other professionals in specific fields. Here is a timeline of past events that we have hosted on various topics pertaining to private practices.

August 17 - August 18
RIO Coaching Dental Seminar

Doctor Genius teamed up with ROI Coaching Dental and shared there strategy on how increase and attract new patients

May 4 - May 6
CDA Event

Doctor Genius shared its brand and software to the California Dental Assocation event

April 28
How to Start Your Own Practice

Doctor Genius presented a program for inspired doctors to build there own brand

February 16
Marketing to Millennials

Doctor Genius first marketing event in methods to atract new Millennials

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By investing in Doctor Genius, you are investing in a partnership with a company that is always available to help with any issues you encounter. From the beginning, our client support team will take you through the process step by step to ensure that your website captures the goal and mission of your private practice. Even after we complete construction of the website, we will work with you whenever you need us. Call us or enter your contact information for more details today.

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