Upcoming Events

Below is information on our upcoming events that can cover a variety of topics about benefiting a private practice through online marketing. Each conference will have a unique focus and purpose, teaming up with successful professionals within the industry. For more information, follow the link to register.

Upcoming Event

CDA Presents Anaheim 2020

Anaheim, CA

May 14, 2020

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Past Events

At Doctor Genius, we understand that the digital marketing platform is always changing and therefore, offer events collaborating with other professionals in specific fields. Here is a timeline of past events that we have hosted on various topics pertaining to private practices.

Past Event
April 6

Nickerson Consulting:

3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Clean Up Your Accounts Receivable

Past Event
March 15

Marketing to Millennials

Continuing Education Class

Past Event
November 15

The Power of Mobile Marketing

Google Livecast Event

Past Event
October 18

Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Google Livecast Event