Why Doctors Should Pursue Guest Posting Opportunities

Digital Marketing

Guest posting or guest blogging is when you write content that is published on other websites, particularly those that are considered authoritative and reliable. By getting published on these sites, you can find an entirely new audience of readers and boost your own website’s SEO. Not only do you get your name out to more people, but you also create links that allow more prospective patients to find your site.

Why guest posting matters
Content marketing for doctors is all about generating new digital pathways between online users and your website. It is also essential for establishing trust as you build a reputation. Guest blogging can help you garner authority, gain new traffic, and expand your social media presence.

Establishing authority
As a medical professional, authority is a huge part of your brand and appearance. Visitors want to know they can trust you and the information you provide. By guest publishing posts on a site that has already established authority, you are using that site’s reputation to elevate your own. That site gets your great post, and you get some of its influence. For more advice on boosting your online reputation, check out these top seven tips.

Increasing traffic
If you land a guest blog on a well-known website, you are probably reaching a larger audience than you have on your own site. This is great news for SEO for doctors, as you can include backlinks within the guest post that lead back to your website. If the large pool of readers on the trusted website like your post, they will probably click on to explore yours.

Broadening social media
Social media is the key to reaching an entire demographic of patients. With so many platforms out there, it can be hard to keep up with your digital medical PR. Incorporating links to your social media, as well as your website, can get you new followers and help you discover which social sites to focus on to connect with your target audience.

How to become a guest blogger
Instead of throwing a pitch to every possible professional website you know, sit down to do a little research first. Consider the websites you already trust and research others that are in your medical field. To check that these sites have great authority, see how each ranks on Google. The higher on the search list a site appears, the better it ranks and the more readers it has. Once you have chosen a site, complete these steps toward finalizing a pitch:

Explore the site’s content and the other guest blogs
Interact with the site’s social media content to become a recognizable name
Look for the right time to pitch, such as when the site asks for guest posts
Carefully read the guest blogging guidelines
Have you checked everything off the list? Now it is time to send a pitch with your post idea!

Blog your way to success
Writing and medical marketing are not for every doctor, but they can play a huge role in your success. If you are struggling with your blog or marketing strategy, contact us for help and advice. Doctor Genius works hard to make sure your website reaches the pinnacle of its potential.

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