Reaching Out to People With Dental Anxiety Online

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As a dental provider, you likely encounter patients on a consistent basis that experience some level of dental anxiety. According to a study exploring dental phobia, including its prevalence and causes, as much as 36% of the population is afraid of going to the dentist, and 12% deal with extreme dental fear. Unfortunately, for some, this anxiety can get in the way of routine dental care or treatments. By creating a dental marketing plan that has patients with dental anxiety in mind, you can help draw people in by making them feel comfortable before even walking through the door.

Your online patient marketing plan for patients with dental anxiety

While your typical target audience may be brought to your practice because of your up-to-date technology, a comprehensive list of services, and emergency dental services, people with dental anxiety want to first know that your staff is trustworthy and your office is accommodating. There are several ways you can welcome this population and present your practice as comfortable and considerate.

Take an informative approach

Make it easy for people to learn about your practice by providing plenty of resources on your website and keeping social media channels up to date. Explain what potential patients can expect after walking through the door, including detailed information on what happens during the cleaning and examination.

Include an about page that highlights your staff’s expertise, your emphasis on patient experience, and your willingness to work with people of various backgrounds and ages. You can also put up a page specifically with people who have dental anxiety in mind, welcoming patients to express any discomfort or fear and explaining how your staff can accommodate their needs.

Use plenty of staff and office photos

Getting a peek at the inside of your office and seeing the smiling faces of your staff allows patients to visualize what going in for an appointment would be like. Avoid stock photos, which can come off as sterile or unauthentic, and instead opt for original photography. Make sure office spaces appear clean and tidy.  

Include the right reviews

While showcasing plenty of testimonials is a great way to attract patients of any background to your office, include some reviews from current patients that highlight how comfortable and trustworthy your practice is. You can even add snippets from satisfied patients who have dental anxiety but enjoy your staff and office space.

Keep the design calm and inviting

While you want your website to convey your professionalism, make sure the colors and design are calming. Blues and greens are popular choices for their soothing, gentle feel. Avoid harsh fonts or bold, uninviting tones.

Make taking action easy

Include plenty of call-to-actions throughout your website so it is easy for people to contact you. For patients with dental anxiety, a difficult sign-up process can make the experience more stressful. Try to respond to all inquiries quickly and get new patients in for an appointment as soon as possible.

Get the right message across

At Doctor Genius, we can help you update your website to better accommodate patients with dental anxiety. From creating tailored content to incorporating original photos on your website, learn the scope of our services by calling us at 1-877-477-2311.

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