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July 22, 2021

Practice Management

Patient Retention: How to Seek Feedback From Patients

One of the smartest ways to improve patient retention is to emphasize your strengths and improve areas of weakness. Getting... [ Read More ]

July 15, 2021

Practice Management

3 Ways To Set Your Dental Practice Apart

There is no shortage of dentists these days. Every strip mall, office park, and commerce center seem to house at... [ Read More ]

June 24, 2021

Practice Management

Why Healthcare Practices Need To Optimize for Voice Search

Voice assistants have become a big part of the modern world. While one-third of Americans were already using voice search features in... [ Read More ]

May 31, 2021

Practice Management

5 Reasons to Hire an Online Dental Marketing Consultant

Any dental office management plan requires a solid online marketing strategy to be truly successful. Most patients today spend a good chunk... [ Read More ]

May 27, 2021

Practice Management

Make Sure Your Dental Practice Is Covered

Running a dental office takes planning for patients and the practice. Many behind-the-scenes elements need consideration. One of the most... [ Read More ]