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January 23, 2023

Practice Management

What to Look For in a Front Office Receptionist

Anyone who visits your medical office is greeted first by the front office receptionist. Because you only get one chance... [ Read More ]

January 19, 2023

Practice Management

Digital Dentistry: Going Paperless

Many dental offices are following the common healthcare practice advice to go paperless, but it is a major undertaking that needs... [ Read More ]

January 9, 2023

Practice Management

7 Ways to Encourage Employees to Improve Performance

While you are typically unable to buy employee engagement by giving them more money, there are many effective ways to... [ Read More ]

January 9, 2023

Practice Management

SMART Goals: What Are They and How Can They Help You Improve Your Practice?

Medical practices, like the rest of the business world, need to continually look for ways to improve their performance if... [ Read More ]

December 12, 2022

Practice Management

Shorten Your Patients’ Time in the Waiting Room

One of the biggest annoyances reported by patients when visiting a clinic is a lengthy wait time. According to The American... [ Read More ]