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October 3, 2019

Practice Management

Practice Phone Etiquette: Book New Patients, Earn More Referrals

Investing time, money, and effort to establish an online presence for your practice is wasted if the in-person experience for [ More.. ]

February 6, 2018

Practice Management

Don’t Do Today’s Job with Yesterday’s Tools Part I

For any medical practice trying to set up and maintain a website, it can be overwhelming to find all the [ More.. ]

February 1, 2018

Practice Management

Oh The Places They’ll Go: The Potential Patient’s Online Journey

The goal of a website for any private practice is to accurately summarize the services of a practice and offer [ More.. ]

December 12, 2017

Practice Management

To Have a Home Part VI: Location, Location, Location

People read left to right on a page in almost all circumstances. When it comes to reading most forms of [ More.. ]

December 5, 2017

Practice Management

To Have a Home Part V: A Picture Can Say a Thousand Words

A page of just text is similar to reading a form or book, except that it may not be the [ More.. ]