Instagram Stories for Doctors

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Of its over 1 billion monthly users, reports that 500 million of Instagram’s users interact with the Stories feature every day. This provides an unbelievable online medical marketing opportunity for doctors to engage with current patients and find new ones. You can implement an Instagram Story strategy into your plan knowing that the benefits are well worth your time.

Benefits of Stories
An Instagram Story is a part of your feed that is separate from the usual images on your profile page. Unlike the rest of your posts, Stories only last 24 hours before they are automatically deleted. You can include photos and brief snippets of text in a single Story, which can be great for promoting a blog post or letting followers get to know you better. Here are the great advantages of using an Instagram Story.

Expanding your audience
The more engagement you have with your followers, the more likely your content is going to be seen by non-followers. Stories are the most engaging and popular feature on Instagram, and you can use hashtags, text, polls, and pictures to reach more people. The more clicks you get, the more people your Stories will appear before.

Building your brand
Instagram pictures are often over the top and seemingly perfect, but Stories offer a chance to show things in the moment. You can use a Story to display fun things that happen in the office or highlight an employee. By creating more down-to-earth content, you create personal connections and build an online brand that is comfortable and trustworthy for patients and followers.

Saving great Stories
If you have a Story that is getting a lot of attention (or that you simply love), you can save it permanently to your profile. Just archive the Story before it disappears, and it gets saved in your Highlights section at the top of your profile. Archiving Stories gives followers a longer chance to see them, which is perfect for promotions that you want as many people to see as possible.

Increasing visibility
Another exceptional aspect of Stories is where they appear on a user’s feed. Any time you post a Story, it pops up at the very top of your followers’ feeds. The more engagement the Story gets, the more people Instagram will show it to. Even if you do not post a lot on your Instagram page, you can still get plenty of visibility with your daily Stories.

Tips for using Instagram Stories
To really succeed in the online world, content marketing for doctors is a must. Take advantage of Instagram Stories using these quick tips:

Research other similar profiles to get an idea of what content to share
Determine whether videos, pictures, posts, inspiring stories, Q&A, or health tips are viewed most often by your audience
Search for healthcare hashtags that you can use in your posts
Make sure you stay HIPAA compliant, such as by sticking to tales about staff rather than patients
Create a schedule so that you post regularly
Network with other healthcare users on the platform
Get your Stories started today
Learn more about Stories, Instagram, and marketing through other social media channels with the help of Doctor Genius. Contact us to discover how to gain new followers and reel in prospective patients.

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