Holiday Decorating Advice for Healthcare Practices

November 02, 2023

Whether you personally relate more to Buddy the Elf or Mr. Grinch himself, to make patients feel welcome in your office it is important to dig deep, find your holiday spirit, and let it show in your office décor. Before you bust out the tinsel and trees, though, know that there are best practices for decorating a place of business for the holidays. As experts in the patient experience, our team at Doctor Genius has a wealth of holiday decorating advice for healthcare practices.

Holiday decorating advice for healthcare practices: Top tips

When decorating your healthcare practice for the holidays, you should approach the process differently than how you would decorate your own home. Follow these top tips to guide the process.

Pick a theme and stick with it

When decorating your office, remember, it is a place of business. While a mishmash of old and new — homemade and store-bought, glitzy and faded — may look charming at home, a collection of mismatched décor in your practice could come off as dated and messy. If you decide to decorate, work with your team to develop a cohesive theme. Examples of common and easy-to-emulate classics are:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Vintage
  • Traditional
  • Playful (for children’s practices)
  • Glitz and glam

Set the scene at the door

Use your front door, waiting room, or entrance hall to give patients an idea of what to expect once they enter your office. Switch out your everyday welcome mat with a holiday-themed one and adorn the door with a wreath or holiday greeting. Trim your exterior with lights, or play soft holiday music that visitors can hear as they approach. Though surprises are nice, holiday décor can go further when patients encounter it at every touchpoint.

Stay neutral

Keep your holiday décor neutral by steering clear of colors and symbols that people traditionally associate with certain holidays. By aligning yourself too closely with a certain religion or belief, you may accidentally alienate valued patients or members of your practice. Instead of, say, red and green or blue and white, stick with winter-themed color combinations, such as gold, silver, white, and green.  

Don’t leave your website unaddressed

For most people these days, the patient experience begins online. While lack of a holiday theme on a website may not necessarily deter prospective patients, a festive aura may be just the element that convinces them to call your office over a competitor’s. When designing your holiday site, choose colors and images that match your in-office theme. Create new links to holiday offerings (if applicable) and publish holiday content to your blog and other relevant areas throughout your website.

Make sure to carry the holiday theme over to your other online platforms as well. Patients want and expect a cohesive experience across your social platforms, business profiles, and website.

Let Doctor Genius help you spread the holiday cheer

At Doctor Genius, we know it is not a question of if you should decorate for the holidays but rather how and where you should begin. Whether decorating does not come naturally to you or you simply do not have time to deck the halls, reach out to our team for holiday decorating advice for healthcare practices and more tips for attracting and retaining patients. Contact our team today at  1-877-477-2311 to schedule an assessment.

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