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April 14, 2022

Digital Marketing

How Mobile Sites Are Falling Short

Mobile traffic has increased greatly over the past decade due to the number of people who have smartphones and other... [ Read More ]

April 7, 2022

Digital Marketing

Black Hat SEO and Why It Does Not Work

Black hat SEO is the practice of manipulating a search engine through certain tactics incorporated into your website. This practice... [ Read More ]

March 31, 2022

Digital Marketing

Protecting Your Practice Against Defamatory Reviews

The words some people write online may be harsh and, if written by someone from your practice, may need to... [ Read More ]

March 28, 2022

Digital Marketing

How Photos Can Slow Down Your Website

The speed of your website can make or break the amount of online traffic you receive. For successful medical online... [ Read More ]

March 17, 2022

Digital Marketing

Steering Patients Toward a Practice’s Positive Online Reviews

Positive online reviews are one of the strongest tools in your online patient marketing toolbox. Choosing a new doctor or... [ Read More ]