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July 18, 2017

Digital Marketing

Class is in Session: Communicating with Search Engines

Creating a website with a unique style and design is important for a medical practice to stand out, but is... [ Read More ]

July 11, 2017

Digital Marketing

Website Building: A,B,C…Not as Easy as 1, 2, 3

For any professional practice to stand a chance in today’s market, it is crucial to have a healthy, effective and... [ Read More ]

June 6, 2017

Digital Marketing


The PEW Research Center finds that 24 percent of participants use Twitter and 31 percent of participants in the study... [ Read More ]

May 18, 2017

Digital Marketing

The Most Common Tech Problem for Dentists

You are a Dentist. You went to medical school and got the degrees. You opened a practice. Now, you are... [ Read More ]

April 4, 2017

Digital Marketing

Steps to Drive Patients to Your Practice with Google Maps Marketing

In 2013, GE Capital Retail Bank’s Second Annual Shopper Study found that 81 percent of shoppers research online before visiting... [ Read More ]