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August 8, 2022

Digital Marketing

Basics of Influencer Marketing for Doctors

As you might guess from the name, influencers are people who have a lot of sway with a large audience.... [ Read More ]

July 28, 2022

Digital Marketing

Writer’s Tool Box: 5 Word Counter Tools

A word counting tool is used to track how many words or letters are in a piece of written content.... [ Read More ]

July 18, 2022

Digital Marketing

Do Not Just Broadcast — Interact

A critical mistake that many businesses make when trying to reach people on social media is to publish for the... [ Read More ]

July 14, 2022

Digital Marketing

7 Ways Medical Practice Websites Can Get More Backlinks

Creating a quality backlink portfolio is an excellent way to boost your SEO ranking in healthcare. Because the content of... [ Read More ]

June 20, 2022

Digital Marketing

7 Tips For Your Healthcare Practice’s Long-Term Content Strategy

Creating a content strategy for your healthcare practice is a great first step in creating a successful business model, but... [ Read More ]