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August 12, 2021

Digital Marketing

What Should Medical Practices Be Posting on Social Media?

Social media has become an integral part of society. A large part of the population partakes in one or more... [ Read More ]

August 9, 2021

Digital Marketing

A Quick Guide to Posting on Social Media for Medical Practices

With online competition at an all-time high, it is imperative that online medical marketing includes social media strategies. Whether you... [ Read More ]

July 29, 2021

Digital Marketing

5 Tips for Promoting Your Dental Practice on Instagram

Promoting your practice in today’s digital age often necessitates planning a dental marketing strategy purely for social media. With approximately one... [ Read More ]

July 12, 2021

Digital Marketing

The Value of Being an Information Resource for Patients

Once upon a time, it was enough for providers to announce their presence in a community, whether through newspaper advertisements,... [ Read More ]

July 8, 2021

Digital Marketing

How To Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for Your Medical Practice

While digital marketing has taken over print advertising, it is not the only way to boost business. Word-of-mouth marketing is... [ Read More ]