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September 5, 2017

Digital Marketing

Bring in Patients Before the School Bell Rings

Once school starts back up, parents face the struggle of balancing school, work, extracurricular activities and medical appointments on a [ More.. ]

August 29, 2017

Digital Marketing

HTTP – HELP! Google’s Rules are Changing in Oh So Many Ways

With Google’s new change, any HTTP website will display the message “Not Secure” on its pages. Similar to the Beatles, [ More.. ]

August 15, 2017

Digital Marketing

The Core of Successful Online Marketing: Mobile First Websites

From desktop to mobile online marketing, medical professionals find great benefits in having a mobile first website. In 2015, Google [ More.. ]

August 8, 2017

Digital Marketing

Online Quality Content: The TMI Effect

From hearing about the grotesque horrors from someone being sick to hearing the disturbing tale of someone’s battle with a [ More.. ]

August 1, 2017

Digital Marketing

The key to a more prosperous practice…Are you using effective keywords?

There is no magic trick or big red button that professionals can use to make their website a huge success [ More.. ]