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December 29, 2022

Digital Marketing

Buying Backlinks: Another SEO Shortcut Not to Take

A strong digital marketing strategy should have an emphasis on SEO, but you should avoid tactics that can end up... [ Read More ]

December 26, 2022

Digital Marketing

Is Your Website Not Drawing New Patients? Try These Things

Having a website for your practice is essential for retaining current patients and attracting new ones. Nowadays when patients have... [ Read More ]

December 22, 2022

Digital Marketing

A Beginners Guide for Doctors About Reading Google Analytics

As you try to manage SEO and online marketing for your practice, Google Analytics is an extremely valuable tool. It... [ Read More ]

December 15, 2022

Digital Marketing

The Importance of Providing Patient Education Through Your Website

When it comes to content marketing for doctors, using search engine optimization tools is a useful strategy for raising your website’s profile... [ Read More ]

November 21, 2022

Digital Marketing

The Importance of Brand Authenticity in Healthcare Marketing

Many people say that the healthcare industry has been the target of consumerization, but what exactly does that mean? In... [ Read More ]