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May 23, 2022

Digital Marketing

Avoiding Plagiarism in Medical Blogs

Using someone else’s ideas, words, or other intellectual property and taking credit for them is called plagiarism. Whether this happens... [ Read More ]

May 19, 2022

Digital Marketing

7 Tips for Finding Fresh Ideas for Your Healthcare Blog

In today’s market, your medical practice needs a digital marketing strategy. One of the critical components of healthcare marketing is... [ Read More ]

May 16, 2022

Digital Marketing

SEO Basics: Overview of the Three Main Types

While there are different types of search engine optimization, all have the same goal of optimizing your website to improve... [ Read More ]

May 12, 2022

Digital Marketing

Meta Tag Musts for Medical Practices

When you think about the medical SEO strategy for your practice, meta tags are a critical component to keep in... [ Read More ]

May 9, 2022

Digital Marketing

Instagram Stories for Doctors

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. Of its over 1 billion monthly users,... [ Read More ]