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June 13, 2022

Digital Marketing

How Barnacle SEO Can Help Small Practices

SEO is a crucial aspect of any small practice’s marketing technique. Implementing important keywords that patients may search online for,... [ Read More ]

June 6, 2022

Digital Marketing

Attention Dentists: Postcards Still Work

In today’s market where it seems like everything has gone digital, many practices are wondering if direct mail should be... [ Read More ]

June 2, 2022

Digital Marketing

A Quick Guide to Promoting Your Medical Blog on Social Media

Today’s digital age means that social media plays a huge role in online marketing, even for medical professionals and bloggers.... [ Read More ]

May 26, 2022

Digital Marketing

How to Use Story Telling in Your Blog Writing

A great blog does not just spew useful information at its readers, even if the writer is only trying to... [ Read More ]

May 23, 2022

Digital Marketing

Avoiding Plagiarism in Medical Blogs

Using someone else’s ideas, words, or other intellectual property and taking credit for them is called plagiarism. Whether this happens... [ Read More ]