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March 9, 2023

Digital Marketing

10 Branding Mistakes for Healthcare Practices to Avoid

When building a public image for your healthcare practice, using the right medical branding is critical. However, digital marketing techniques... [ Read More ]

February 16, 2023

Digital Marketing

Should You Hire a Social Media Consultant for Your Medical Practice?

A strong social media presence can be key to attracting new patients and growing your practice, according to Forbes. If you... [ Read More ]

February 9, 2023

Digital Marketing

7 Tips for Using Social Media for Your Healthcare Practice

Today’s consumers commonly turn to digital sources for help when making healthcare-related decisions. Whether it is to seek out a... [ Read More ]

February 6, 2023

Digital Marketing

Why Interacting on Social Media is Just as Important as Posting

Social media never has been, and never will be, a place where users are OK with a one-way experience. These... [ Read More ]

January 23, 2023

Digital Marketing

Broad vs Long Tail Keywords for Doctors

Keywords are essential for any professional who is online. These specific words or phrases give websites a better chance at... [ Read More ]