Cybercrime Takes a Leap Due to Global Affairs

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Just as you would secure and protect a business from the outside, say with security alarms, cameras, and a guard, your business should also be secured on the inside. For healthcare professionals, cybersecurity is a crucial component in keeping patients, employees, and other pertinent parties safe and secure. Cybercrime and cybersecurity have been hot topics for many industries and corporations, and now healthcare agencies and private businesses are being affected. Cybercrime is defined as any crime done online or through a computer or electronic device.

In recent news, the federal Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency and the FBI have issued security warnings for various healthcare institutions, specifically dental practices. The warning included an “increase in ransomware attacks… through malicious software that can compromise practice systems and prevent access to schedules, billing or patient records,” according to the California Dental Association (CDA). Cybersecurity encompasses any measure taken to protect and secure an online entity from cyberattacks or threats. This blog discusses tips and tricks on protecting your site as well as how our team at Doctor Genius sets up our client’s sites to protect against cybercrime.

Protect Yourself and Your Practice

Cybercrime involves a wide variety of criminal activities, from generating profit to causing damage or dysfunction and much more. Data kept online or on a computerized device is always vulnerable to infection, similar to a virus in the body. Professionals can even hack encrypted data and information. Therefore, it is important to set up your systems securely and maintain them regularly. The preliminary steps every dental practitioner should take include:

  • Requiring complex passwords on all systems, devices, software, and programs
  • Requiring multifactorial authentication to access electronic health records and other sensitive information
  • Setting up an antivirus and threat detection software
  • Training staff on cybersecurity practices

Aside from these security measures, it is important to get your team involved. Involving administrative staff in both the training and maintenance of security parameters can help in case a security issue arises and can prevent a potential occurrence. The CDA asserts that email is the most targeted online space. To prevent fraud and phishing, make sure to ignore emails that request sensitive information, especially in regards to patient files, emails without a subject line or an addressee, and emails with basic grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors (or are otherwise unprofessional).

How Doctor Genius Thwarts Cybercrime

Our IT and Quality Assurance teams both handle client sites, maintain them, and protect them against malware, ransomware, fraud, and other criminal activity. While our Quality Assurance team runs an AI to automatically detect issues on our clients’ sites, the IT team provides security, site maintenance, and emergency technical services. 

The IT team works on Plesk, a software designed for upkeeping websites, assessing security parameters, and monitoring backups and updates. They provide site plugin updates, site nightly updates, and emergency security and recovery backups. Site backups allow us to store files and information on servers at an off-site location, keeping them safe and secure, even if an incident were to occur. This also provides safe monitoring and maintenance, as we can conduct the backups and allow the site to continue to run, except in emergency recovery situations. Site plugin backups are continuously active and working, nightly backups occur every night at 8 p.m. and run overnight, and WordPress plugins occur periodically.

Plesk provides web-hosting capabilities that allow our team to determine which sites are active and running well as well as check on auto-backups. Server rollback is a term we use to describe restoration measures in case a cybersecurity alert does occur. We also conduct emergency recovery backups, which means all existing servers are down. This restores the sites back to functionality. Lastly, we perform weekly maintenance checks on all servers. We fix any infected or compromised servers and run tests to ensure they run smoothly.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Our security teams at Doctor Genius are as passionate about site security and crime prevention as you likely are about treating patients. Let us take care of the cybersecurity details of your practice so you can focus on what you do best. All of our clients, silver, gold, and platinum alike, receive the same security measures and maintenance protocols. We can assure you that we have your practice in our best interest and will involve you every step of the way. 

Learn more about our various packages and how we can secure, protect, and optimize your site. Sign up for our demo or call us today to schedule a consultation appointment.


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