Choosing the Right Medical Practice Management Software

Practice Management

Healthcare software designed specifically to manage the daily operations of a medical office is called medical practice management software. This type of software can revolutionize the way a practice operates by taking care of automated tasks, such as billing, appointment scheduling, and organizing patient information. This can free up time for the staff to focus on more involved administrative tasks and patient care. It also allows all information on patients and doctors to be consolidated in one platform, making it easier to navigate patient details. 

How to find the right software for your practice

There are a variety of options when it comes to medical practice management software, and choosing the right one for your practice can be critical. To get started, assess the needs of your practice. For example, if you do in-house billing rather than outsourcing it, this type of software can help make sure your claims are submitted to the insurance companies, Medicare, the patients, or other responsible parties quickly.

Is your front desk staff over-burdened? If so, many software options include a patient portal that allows patients to schedule their own appointments, pay their own bills, and fill out forms online. It can also send out automated appointment reminders and verify patients’ insurance eligibility. The workload of a front desk staff can be significantly reduced through the integration of this software. 

The following are some additional factors to consider when deciding on software for your practice:

  • Cost
  • Tailored to your specialty
  • Data analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Software support
  • Easy to use
  • Electronic medical records systems interfacing

Properly determining what your practice needs can help pinpoint which software will have the most impact on your practice. 

Popular software features to consider

Here are some of the features many other practices consider to be most helpful.

Unified billing

While it is important to have software with the ability to process credit card payments, it should also be able to record billing history simultaneously. This allows the staff to both collect payments from the patients at the time of service and submit reimbursement claims to insurance companies from a centralized platform. It also enables accurate tracking of payments and claims denied or rejected so you can provide the patient with the correct amount owed. 

Patient information tracking

A key feature of any software created to help practice management for healthcare is the ability to maintain current information on patients. Everything from family history and allergies to medical history and lab results can be easily located using this type of software, making it easier for the front desk staff to do their jobs and, according to Forbes, reducing the risk of medication errors during an appointment or procedure.

Run an efficient medical office

When it comes to doctor office management, the Doctor Genius team knows putting systems and software in place to make operations run efficiently is critical. We understand that centralizing data and organizing workflow can greatly reduce the stress on your front desk staff and allow the doctors to focus on patient care rather than paperwork.  Contact a member of our trained staff today to learn more about our Patient Experience Package as well as the many other practice management services we provide. Run a practice known for having an outstanding patient experience. 

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