Chatbots on Healthcare Websites

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As your practice continues to develop and evolve its online presence, you may have wondered about using chatbots to enhance the patient online experience. A chatbot is software that utilizes artificial intelligence to engage with an online user by simulating a chat conversation using natural language. Medical practices sometimes use this tool as part of their online medical marketing strategy to optimize the overall patient experience. It is important to understand how chatbots can be used on medical websites, what patients think about them, and which chatbots functions they find most useful.

How can chatbots be used on healthcare websites?

Chatbots can serve multiple functions, but some are used more frequently than others. You can decide how you want them to work for you to help patients communicate with your office. Here are some of the most common tasks that a chatbot can perform.

Scheduling appointments

Chatbots can help patients schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments quickly and efficiently. They can synchronize with the doctor’s availability, reducing the need for a patient to make a phone call to handle scheduling.

Checking symptoms

A patient’s medical symptoms can be analyzed by a chatbot, which would forward this information to the clinical practice. Chatbots can help determine if the patient needs over-the-counter medicine or an appointment with a doctor.

Tracking health

When a patient needs ongoing medical assistance, a chatbot can monitor certain health conditions and relay reports to the physician. Chatbots can also assess the effects of medication on some chronic diseases.

How do patients feel about chatbots?

Surveys show that patients generally report having positive experiences engaging with chatbots. Here are some of the features that patients find particularly useful.

24-hour access

One of the most valued uses of chatbots is their 24-hour accessibility. Patients like being able to obtain information and quick answers to their medical questions at any time day or night.

Appointment check-in

Patients report that being able to check in for an appointment before arriving at their doctor’s office saves time once they get there. Chatbots can also inform patients of expected wait times, a feature that is often cited as helpful.

Medication reminders

Compliance with taking medicine is a chatbot feature that patients and doctors alike appreciate. Better adherence to medication regimens due to the use of chatbots is frequently reported by patients.

Health tips

Another chatbot feature that many patients like is receiving helpful daily health tips. Concise suggestions for getting exercise, having more energy, and eating healthy foods remind patients of simple things that they can do each day to take better care of themselves.

What can using chatbots do for your practice?

Clinical practices must utilize all of the tools available to maintain a competitive edge, retain existing patients, and attract new ones. Chatbots are among the latest tools to help patients engage regularly with their healthcare providers. By taking advantage of this interactive technology, your practice can improve patient care and establish stronger doctor-patient relationships, and Doctor Genius is ready to help! Call us today to learn more about chatbots and how you can use them to energize your website and improve your patients’ online experience.

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