Brick by Brick Part I: A Website Built Strong From the Start

Digital Marketing

A strong foundation is everything when it comes to a website. Without a strong foundation, the website will never accomplish what it sets out to do and much like the foundation of a house built on sand, it will fail under pressure. While DIY services make creating and maintaining a website easy, there is always someone working on the website’s code through the back door. However, it can be difficult to find a service specializing in website maintenance and design, while also specializing in content for various medical professions.

Start off with a strong foot forward

At Doctor Genius, we strive to create an effective website with quality content pertaining to the client’s profession. From the first meeting, our team works with the client to create a website that meets the client’s needs and Google’s search engine specifications. One of the biggest factors to help a website rank high up near the top of search results is using keywords.

Keywords are terms or phrases that pertain to the client’s area of expertise and ranks highly due to popularity on search engines. A search engine will target keywords, to sum up the page and help direct people to the page. For instance, a dentist who uses the keyword “Teeth Whitening,” will be able to attract people to the website who are searching for that term.

However, keywords are only one of the first steps to building an effective website. We can help our clients start off with a strong foot forward with several crucial factors, including:

  • Constant website maintenance
  • Technology to review ranking traffic
  • Mobile-First website
  • Regular website backups
  • Call tracking system

We are here to help every step of the way

A Website Built Strong From the Start
Doctor Genius will provide the information about your website that you need on a regular basis, when you need it.

At Doctor Genius, we do not stop after developing a website and continue to work with the client every step of the way. When a client needs help or has a request, we are available to listen to the client’s concerns and find a solution. With in-house support and IT departments, our team will deal with any issue as soon as possible.

We provide the constant maintenance your website will need to remain active and effectively reach potential patients. We will not only build the website but will also continue to provide the necessary content. During the Brick By Brick series, we will explore several factors that help make an effective website, such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • An effective and educational content marketing system
  • Consistent stream of content to keep a website active

While these are only a few factors of the type of content that people need to create and maintain an effective website, they are some of the most important factors. If you are interested in learning more about our services or wish to invest in creating an effective website, call us today.

Doctor Genius

At Doctor Genius, we work with clients to expand their private practice by helping them reach, engage and convert consumers into new patients. By offering high-end web marketing services to medical and health professionals throughout the United States, we help clients gain more profit and build trustworthy relationships with patients to initiate sustainable practice growth.

We construct a website for your practice, establish an active online presence, build and constantly update social media profiles, help you build stronger connections with patients, streamline the appointment scheduling process, funnel traffic from search engines directly to your practice website and much more. To begin the process of increasing the success and presence of your practice, give us a call at 877-477-2311.