Attention Dentists: Postcards Still Work

Digital Marketing

In today’s market where it seems like everything has gone digital, many practices are wondering if direct mail should be part of their patient marketing strategy. According to statistics from smallbizgenius, it definitely should be. When you consider the 29% return on investment from direct mail as well as the fact 73% of American consumers would rather get direct mail from brands, you will probably be more likely to give this form of patient lead generation more thought.

Using mail marketing effectively
Follow these tips to capitalize on marketing with hardcopy mailings.

Keep the design simple
When a postcard is full of text, pictures, and color, it can be difficult for the reader to know what to look at. It is important to grab your readers’ attention, so use a simple design with strategic amounts of blank space to draw their attention to what you want them to see. A call to action is much more visible when there is less clutter.

Include a bold, highlighted offer
The less recipients of a direct marketing postcard have to guess about the products or services being promoted, the more likely they are to get your message. For example, a highlighted text offering 25% off veneers has better odds of grabbing someone’s attention than a picture of someone smiling and an invitation to visit your dental practice. People sifting through their physical mail will almost have a difficult time not noticing your postcard and reading the offer.

Use personal photos
Putting pictures on direct mail helps increase the credibility of your practice in the eyes of most recipients, when used correctly. Stock photos of a patient or office personnel can make your postcard seem contrived. Instead, show photos of actual patients who have had a positive experience with your practice or employees who represent your culture and brand well. This allows readers to get an idea of what they could realistically expect if they walked into your practice.

Keep your branding consistent
Most successful marketing campaigns use a combination of channels such as email, direct mail, social media, and mobile ads. Brand consistency across these channels reinforces your message and helps potential patients remember your ads. Being consistent in the following areas can go a long way toward making your marketing more impactful:

Color scheme: Stick with two or three colors that represent your brand well.
Slogan: Find one that works for your office and stick with it.
Values: Emphasize them in each channel.
Logo: Keep your logo the same across all media and ensure it is highly visible.
Font: To keep your tone professional, avoid using a trendy font and stick to something classic.
Breathe new life into your dental marketing
Even if you have previously had successful dental marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas and ways to appeal to a wider audience. At Doctor Genius, we understand how critical both patient acquisition and retention are, and the vital role marketing plays in those areas. Reach out to a trained team member today to find out more about our content marketing strategies and how we can help make your dental marketing successful. Take the next step towards improving your marketing and growing your practice.

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