An Overview of Popular Physician Review Sites

Digital Marketing

If review sites are not part of your online patient marketing strategy, they should be. Review sites offer a convenient way for consumers to shop around for the most reputable healthcare providers close by. These platforms also aid in reputation management for doctors by providing a platform through which providers can gather and monitor feedback and identify areas for improvement. While you could ask your patients directly for input, you may not have time for that. That is where review sites come in.

Reviews matter

According to NRC, patients trust online reviews as much as they do doctor recommendations. Though 92% of all consumers use online reviews to guide purchase decisions, the percentage of those who rely on reviews is higher in healthcare than in any other industry, at nearly 35%. Just shy of 60% of patients have selected a doctor based on positive reviews, while about the same percentage — 60.8% — have avoided providers because of negative ones. 37% of individuals use online reviews as the first step in the search for a new provider.

Top review sites for medical PR

While our team at Doctor Genius can help you identify the most useful review sites for your practice, it helps to know where prospective patients might leave feedback. Below are just a few sites worth monitoring.

Health Grades

Health Grades is a fairly straightforward site that boasts a searchable database of doctor, dentist, and hospital profiles. Though providers can update information, it is really the 30 million+ users’ reviews and star ratings that have the most impact. Users can rate providers on a scale of one to five based on how likely they are to recommend a provider to a friend or family member. The site also allows users to search for providers based on distance, age, insurance, gender, review/rating, or even availability.


Vitals’ mission is to empower consumers to shop for healthcare like a pro. The site encourages users to rate providers on a one- to five-star system and leave text reviews. Patients are also asked to rate factors such as promptness, ease of appointments, accuracy, customer service, and follow-up.


ZocDoc makes it easy for individuals to find providers within insurance networks and vicinity. Users rate doctors almost exclusively on bedside manner and wait time, but the site also offers a section in which users can comment on the experience. ZocDoc encourages providers to allow users to book appointments directly through the site by issuing awards for things such as quick response times and rapid registration. boasts a huge userbase and over 2.6 million reviews. Users rate doctors on a one- to five-star basis and on four main factors: punctuality, helpfulness, staff, and knowledge. Users can also leave detailed reviews in the comments box.

Manage your online reputation with DG’s help

Your online reputation is key to obtaining and retaining patients. Managing it can be difficult and time-consuming. Yet, doing so is crucial to your overall success. At Doctor Genius, we have the tools and the know-how to make the most of online review sites. To learn more about our medical PR services, call our team at 1-877-477-2311 today.

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