7 Tips for Using Social Media for Your Healthcare Practice

February 09, 2023

Today’s consumers commonly turn to digital sources for help when making healthcare-related decisions. Whether it is to seek out a new doctor, read reviews on their current provider, or find information that will help them manage their health, social media has exploded as a way for patients to consume information. At Doctor Genius, we have watched this trend continue to grow and understand that your online presence can have a significant impact on the growth of your practice.

Simple healthcare practice advice for social media strategies

Understanding the value of a strong social media presence should be just the start of your strategy. Here are seven tips to help you learn how to effectively use these channels for online marketing purposes.

1. Establish an online personality

Not every consumer who stumbles upon your profile or page will have physically been to your office. Use your posts to establish a tone and persona that fits your practice, whether it’s playful and professional or fact-based and authoritative.

2. Use advertising

As a provider, there are certain services you are trying to sell. Use your account as a way to develop and promote your brand to potential new patients. Share posts that advertise the specific services you offer or use paid tools within each platform to advertise.

3. Publish relevant, fresh content

Being a medical provider already gives your page an advantage in publishing content that users will find beneficial and new. Many consumers turn to the internet to self-diagnose, but your content can provide factual, relevant information.

4. Network with relevant accounts

You can build a greater following by following and engaging with accounts in your health network or professional associations that are relevant to your services. By sharing content from a relevant account, leaving comments, or interacting with a post through a “like,” you could catch the eye of new followers or develop a new contact.

5. Participate in relevant holidays

There are several days on the calendar that celebrate those who work in healthcare. Use your accounts to celebrate your practice and the people who help it run. Sharing posts and photos of nurses, doctors, or support staff celebrating national holidays gives your account personality and attracts positive attention.

6. Opt for a management system

It can be time-consuming to keep up with all of your accounts and keep the content engaging and exciting. You can get better results by working with a management system to plan and schedule posts or by choosing Doctor Genius to manage your digital marketing strategy.

7. Use it for mass communication

If your practice has to close early or you need to alert patients to a situation, your social media accounts can be a tool for mass communication. Use posts to get accurate and up-to-date information out to both patients and non-patients.

Professional marketing help

At Doctor Genius, we take the stress out of managing your digital marketing strategies. We can customize a plan to your specific needs, whether you need a high-performance website or you want help optimizing your content and site. Speak with one of our team members to find out more about our packages and services.

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