7 Tips for Good Medical Office PC Health

September 18, 2023

Advances in technology have made computers necessary for a modern medical office. Using them makes everything from scheduling and billing to insurance and record-keeping significantly more efficient. Because new computers can represent a decent investment for your practice, it is important to keep them running smoothly and ensure you can use them as long as possible. Efficient computers also allow you to schedule appointments and work with patients more effectively.

7 practical ways to keep your office computers running smoothly

Follow these simple steps to avoid computer performance issues.

1. Keep them clean

Make sure the computers in your office are appropriately located in places that are both convenient and clean. There should be at least a few inches of free space around them to prevent overheating and allow for necessary ventilation. 

2. Update your operating system

Operating systems need regular updates to perform at their peak. Installing available updates can help identify issues and keep the system running quickly and smoothly. 

3. Increase storage and memory

Without adequate memory, a computer can experience issues attempting to run multiple programs simultaneously. Increasing storage and memory also allows for files and records to be appropriately backed up.

4. Remove all junk files and unnecessary programs

Unused files, old versions of software, useless programs, and other electronic detritus combine to take up valuable storage space on your computer and prevent it from operating as efficiently. To remove this unnecessary data, empty the recycle bin, clear the cache, and run a disk cleanup program. This should free up space for your computer to operate faster. 

5. Power down at night

While it is not recommended to power off multiple times each day, it is also not recommended to leave a computer running constantly. Shutting down allows computers to reset and install necessary updates. 

6. Scan regularly for viruses

Especially if you use the internet consistently and download files or programs on a daily basis, malware attacks can be a real threat. The 2021 Breach Barometer from Protenus found a 42% increase in hacking incidents in the healthcare industry. Running an antivirus program at least once each week can help you detect and remove malware before it can cause further damage. 

7. Organize your data

In a busy day, it can be difficult to take time to properly organize your data. One of the easiest ways to make sure you are saving important data in the right place and removing any unnecessary data is to go through your download folder. Delete anything unnecessary and put files in appropriate folders to eliminate duplicate or irrelevant data and allow the computer to run and process more smoothly.

Improve practice efficiency

You work hard, and so do your computers. The team at Doctor Genius knows how important it is to have technology that runs smoothly.  That is why in addition to healthcare practice advice and performance-based marketing programs, we also offer hosting solutions and help building responsive websites. Talk to a team member today to learn more about how we can customize a solutions package for your practice. Give your systems a boost and watch your practice flourish. 

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