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July 22, 2021

Practice Management

Patient Retention: How to Seek Feedback From Patients

One of the smartest ways to improve patient retention is to emphasize your strengths and improve areas of weakness. Getting... [ Read More ]

July 15, 2021

Practice Management

3 Ways To Set Your Dental Practice Apart

There is no shortage of dentists these days. Every strip mall, office park, and commerce center seem to house at... [ Read More ]

July 12, 2021

Digital Marketing

The Value of Being an Information Resource for Patients

Once upon a time, it was enough for providers to announce their presence in a community, whether through newspaper advertisements,... [ Read More ]

July 8, 2021

Digital Marketing

How To Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for Your Medical Practice

While digital marketing has taken over print advertising, it is not the only way to boost business. Word-of-mouth marketing is... [ Read More ]

July 5, 2021

Genius Lab

How CIPs Can Improve Online Ranking

Doctor Genius designed content ignition packages (CIPs) to boost client ranking and provide supplemental content for users on their sites.... [ Read More ]