4 Things You Should be Doing to Make Your Medical Office Run Smoothly

Practice Management

Running a medical office takes more than booking appointments and greeting clients. Happy clients refer new ones through word-of-mouth and favorable reviews. As such, you must strive to provide each client with a great experience. What happens behind the scenes impacts that experience either positively or negatively. A few adjustments to doctor office management may pay off for the growth of the practice. 

4 internal practices and procedures to increase efficiency

Your staff is the lifeblood of your office. When everyone works together and has clear directives, the office runs better. However, this may not happen as frequently as it should. Take a closer look at some healthcare practice advice and identify areas that need improvement.

1. Cross-train employees

Every staff member is valuable and performs a unique function that is integral to the practice. What happens when one or more people are out? If you find that staff absence bogs down the practice’s daily performance, implement a cross-training program. Assure staff members this does not mean they are required to take on more duties but may be called upon to help out should the practice’s needs require it.

2. Hold daily meetings

When the office opens shortly after the staff arrives, it is difficult to give directives for the day or receive feedback. Consider having the staff arrive early and holding short meetings to get the day off on the right foot. This allows you to set goals and expectations for the day, address any foreseeable conflicts with the schedule, and determine if there is something from a staff perspective you need to address.

3. Implement SMART delegation

As a manager, you need to identify those staff members to whom you can delegate work. Holding onto all of your daily tasks bogs you down, and you may miss opportunities for your own growth and increased production. Using the SMART technique can help you identify an effective way to delegate work:

  • Specific – provide detailed tasks and instructions 
  • Measurable – review results and give feedback
  • Achievable – assign tasks to employees with appropriate skills
  • Relevant – ensure tasks are relevant to the office
  • Time-bound – impose deadlines

When you delegate work to others, it empowers them. It shows you have confidence in a staff member’s abilities and trust them to complete the jobs assigned. 

4. Utilize technology

Technological advancements in office management and patient services may prove crucial to running an efficient office. Things like automated appointment reminders allow staff to take on other duties. An online scheduling system gives clients the flexibility and convenience of seeing what time slots are available and booking them from anywhere. This system enhances the patient experience and frees up the relevant staff members. A whole-office calendaring system makes planning much easier because anyone in the office can see what is on the horizon.

Improve your practice’s efficiency

When your office runs smoothly, your patients and staff are more content. Creating an environment that makes this possible involves implementing new strategies and programs. The team at Doctor Genius can make recommendations on how you can accomplish both. Reach out to us at 1-877-477-2311 today to set up an appointment to discuss things further. We are always here to assist with getting your medical office running at peak performance.

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