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April 27, 2023

Practice Management

What Happens When Patients Turn to ‘Doctor Google’

Once upon a time, when patients had questions regarding their health, the first people they would turn to were their... [ Read More ]

April 20, 2023

Digital Marketing

Healthcare Marketing 101: Inbound and Outbound

If you are working on a medical marketing strategy for your healthcare practice, it is important to use both inbound... [ Read More ]

April 17, 2023

Digital Marketing

7 Steps to a Positive First Impression With a New Patient

Many patients choose a doctor based on intangible factors such as trust and comfort level. Making a good first impression... [ Read More ]

April 13, 2023

Digital Marketing

Influencer Marketing for Dentists

Influencer marketing Influencer marketing is the virtual equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing. Properly employing influencer marketing may help you attract new... [ Read More ]

April 6, 2023

Digital Marketing

5 Things Healthcare Workers Should Never Do on Social Media

Communications from a medical office should always follow standards of professionalism and etiquette. Additionally, there are privacy rules set by... [ Read More ]